Your staff are your greatest asset so communicate with them

TwoWayVision® is an easily implemented, managed, online staff survey system which can help your organisation to engage more comprehensively with staff. The system is web based and you need no special software to run it.

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TwoWayVision can help your organisation to:

  • Engage more comprehensively with staff.
  • Develop and motivate staff.
  • Improve openness and communications.
  • Spot and tackle any employee dissatisfaction early.
  • Demonstrate to your Board, shareholders and auditors that you are committed to high standards of Corporate Governance.

TwoWayVision has a high degree of trust from Users – It is imperative that users are happy that they will not be able to be identified if they are to answer candidly.

The system is designed to protect user anonymity. Answers to questions about user trust in the system confirm this. In addition, we generally get high completion rates and high engagement in any free text response questions.